Judith Chan – Principal TutorPatient and funny Maths tutor dedicated to helping children understand and enjoy Maths.
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I am passionate about Maths and relate well to children of all ages. I am an accredited Maths tutor, have a business Degree in Banking & Finance from Monash University as well as a Graduate Diploma in Sales & Marketing. I have been tutoring Maths for almost 10 years to students of Grade 3 to 10 mostly on a one-on-one arrangement. I started running Maths tutorial classes for grade 4 to 6 from South Melbourne when I wasn’t able to fit any more students into my schedules. From mid 2015, I will be running tutorial classes from Port Melbourne. I designed my own lesson plans and fun worksheets that are easy to understand.

Why do children dread mathematics? Because of the wrong approach. Because it is looked at as a subject.Shakuntala Devi

By continuously adapting my techniques to different year levels, I have successfully tutored children of varied levels of competence and seen them improve and gained confidence, at the same time enjoying Maths. As a person who loves Maths there is no better reward. Finally, it is very important for children of primary school years to have already attained a comfortable grasp of Maths` core foundations before starting high school.

Yours Truly,

Judith Chan