Hello and welcome to our most frequently asked questions` page. I know as parents or carers, there will be some questions unique to your circumstances and for those questions, kindly fill in the form on this page or email your questions. However, if your questions are more general in nature, please have a read through the top 20 questions parents often asks about my tutorial services. I have grouped them into categories for convenience.Judith Chan ( judith@in2maths.com.au )
Q5. Where do you do your tutoring?

A5. Class programs are run from the Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre at Liardet Street opposite Coles supermarket from 2015. It is a safe and secure environment for our students and has cooling, heating and toilet facilities.One-on-one tutoring will be conducted at the student`s home.

Q6. Are you flexible with your schedules?

A6. We set out our program schedules in advance. Our lessons are planned to flow from one topic to another to ensure a smooth transition between topics, especially in years 5 & 6. There is a slight flexibility in schedules in one-on-one tutoring.

Q9. Do you give out worksheets or homework?

A9. Yes. We give out class worksheets plus homework (a minimum of 4 worksheets per week covering the topics from the class sessions, perhaps more for certain topics) for all our classes. Our worksheets are designed to reinforce what
was taught in that particular class. In early to mid 2015, when our students’ portal comes on-line, they will be able
to obtain and complete their homework sheets on-line as well as practice and peruse upcoming topics.

Q8. What if my child currently struggles with maths in class?

A8.  Not a problem. For every new student that joins (regardless if it’s one-on-one or our group classes), a year level specific questionnaire will be handed out for them to complete. This will enable us to find out a little bit more about the areas your child needing improvement on.

Q12. Are you able to work in collaboration with my child’s school maths teacher?

A12. To a certain degree we can. If we know which area the student is struggling at in class, we can provide more emphasis on that topic. But generally speaking, the collaboration works better in a One to One tutoring scenario.

Q13. Can you tailored an Assessment or a Tutorial Plan for my son or daughter?

A13. Yes we can, but it would be more beneficial in a One on One tutorial arrangement.  As each child learns at a different pace and for a tailored plan to be effective, we have to concentrate on their immediate requirements. It would not be fair to do so in a classroom environment as we do have other students whose current needs may not align with that of your child`s, whether it`s their strengths or weaknesses.

Q15. How do you measure student progress?

A15. Different parents have different level of expectations but for us personally, progress is attained when a student is able to show focus with the tasks at hand as well as practice and learn independently.

Q17. What if my child fail to complete their homework?

A17. We design these worksheets as an important part of their learning experience. We hope that the student would in turn be motivated to find the effort to at least try and finished them, which also sets the habit for high school when homework suddenly becomes compulsory. Without completing their homework, it will be difficult for us to ascertain whether or not the student fully understood what was being taught in class.

Q2 How many students are in your classes?

A2. We keep the classes to a maximum of 8 students.

Q3. What is unique about your classes?

A3. Being a small class, the tutor gets to know each of the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Q7. What is your policy for cancellations and make-up sessions?

A7.  Please refer to our policies page.

Q10. Do you personalised the learning experience in your classes?

A10. Being a small class structure, and keeping in mind not all students learn at the same pace, we are able to determine each students` level of understanding of a particular topic and will tailor a suitable program to assist individual students with their own personal development.

Q14. What if a student suddenly decides they no longer want you to tutor them?

A14. Please refer to our policies page.

Q1. How long have you been tutoring?

A1. I have been tutoring for over 10 years.

Q4. Do you have a tutoring style?

A4.  I would not call called it a style, but rather a technique in which I encourages personal responsibilities and engages them to improve their current skills in a fun and non-pressured environment.

Q11. Do you or can you guarantee results?

A11. Even though we provide a high quality tuition which ensures that each student improve upon their understanding of  a particular set of topics to the best of their abilities, we cannot and will not promise nor guarantee any examination results. All the effort and discipline has to come from the students themselves. However, we as tutors will assists them with confidence and encouragement.

Q19. Is there anything I/we can do at home to help my child improve?

A19. Help them organise their worksheets to be done across the entire week and practice for 15 to 30 minutes each day instead of cramping everything in for one day.

Q20. Do you sell additional worksheets?

A20. Yes we do. Please send me an email (judith@in2maths.com.au) regarding current or past topics.

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