Policy IN2Maths

As our valued clienteles, we would like to thank you all for your understanding and cooperation as we instituted our Maths tutorial policies below. Being a small business, this will enable us to focus more on our core commitment, which is to develop effective Maths techniques and programs to help our students help themselves to succeed in maths.

Regards, Judith Chan

Tuition fees and payment policy

Our tuition fees are charged per school term in advance ( for ease of accounting, students whose classes falls on a public holiday will have their fees refunded in full ) due on the first lesson. We also offer a monthly (4 weekly) fee payment arrangement to parents who prefers this arrangement, with fees due on the first lesson for weeks 1, 5 and 9. Students starting later will have their fees pro-rated. Payments may be made in cash, direct deposit or via PayPal. Our banking details can be found on our contact page.

Our right to refuse service policy

We reserve the right to immediately terminate a students` participation for disruptive, disrespectful behaviour and foul language directed towards their tutor, students or other parents either before, during or after a tutorial session. Threatening comments or abusive language via text, email or phone will not be tolerated and these expectations applies to parents as well. Serious breaches will be referred to the local police. We aim to provide a safe, productive and a non-disruptive environment for our students to learn, gain confidence and improve their skills in Maths. Any monies paid up in advance will be refunded minus a $25 processing and administrative fee.

Our refund policy

If you feel that our tutoring sessions was not of any benefit or below your expectation, you may cancel at any time in writing either via email or standard mail and any monies still owing will be refunded minus a $25 processing and administration fee.

Rescheduling and cancellation policy

Due to our programs` structure as well as the venue availability, it is very hard for us to find a suitable time on a suitable day for a make-up class outside of our tenancy agreement. We understand school camps are compulsory and children do get sick. We will however try and fit them into another class if there are spots available but it`s not guaranteed. Children who missed their classes will still get their weekly topic worksheets as well as homework emailed to them for completion for next class. From 2015, students will be able log in into our students portal to complete their homework as well prepare for the next class.

Normally with a One on One tutoring arrangement, we have a tailored tutorial plan in place with the student, which afford us a small margin of flexibility. However, for cancellations, we still require 48 hours of notice before the start of their tutorial appointment. This way we can offer the vacant time slot as someone else s` make-up class. We offer 2 make up classes per term subject to our schedules` availability.

No make-up classes will be offered for our holiday programs.